February 2017

Abstract: Techniques are given on care and treatment of hair. A breakdown of the layers of hair are noted, including the cuticle and its functions. One of the keys to keeping hair healthy and radiant is cleanliness and making sure it is brushed. Advice on ways to avoid disastrous hair days are given as well […]

Full Text: The Scent of Confidence “You’re going to find that people in other parts of the world can be just a little different,” the veteran traveler said to 17-year-old Lori, who was about to make a long-awaited trip abroad with her youth group. “Well, of course people everywhere are different,” she answered. “There are […]


Full Text: The Kookieman of Central Avenue is concocting a new recipe to bring laughter to St. Petersburg. Kookieman has his mojo working today. He breezes through the door at the Bella Moda beauty salon on Central Avenue and every head turns and smiles. “Hello, ladies,” he announces. “Kookieman is here.” The response is classic […]


Full Text: IN 1990, on Chris Bingham’s first day in a beauty culture course at the Ocean County Vocational-Technical School, her teacher asked the students why they wanted to be hairdressers. When Ms. Bingham’s turn came, she answered without hesitation. “I said, ‘I’m going to open the first salon in the nation equipped for people […]